What will the CRE do?

The Stillbirth CRE will address four major priority areas which were developed in consultation with parents, clinicians and researchers (click on area for more information):

By targeting these four priority areas we will systematically address The Lancet 2016 series on Ending Preventable Stillbirths call to action and the specific priorities we have identified for Australia. In recognising that stillbirth prevention requires improving the understanding and decision-making for women with risk factors on appropriate timing of birth, we will develop an individualised risk factor approach. Further, we will develop novel approaches to identify women at increased risk to further optimise care for women and stillbirth prevention. Through our biomedical expertise, we will ensure new discoveries will be readily translated into practice to further reduce the risk of stillbirth. We will implement best practice in care after stillbirth to improve outcomes for parents and families by embedding principles of best practice within maternity services. Finally, we aim to improve knowledge of causes and contributors to stillbirth through implementing high quality investigation, classification and audit, thereby optimising our ability to target interventions for prevention and to ensure parents receive the best possible information about why their baby died.

Cross-cutting themes

Indigenous health

Clinical education

Community awareness

Health economics