Australia’s first Centre of Research Excellence in preventing stillbirth and optimising care for families

Stillbirth CRE

The Centre for Research Excellence in Stillbirth (The Stillbirth CRE) is a national collaboration addressing the neglected tragedy of stillbirth. Through a priority driven program, the Stillbirth CRE aims to reduce the rate of stillbirth and improve care for parents and families whose baby is stillborn. 

Partnership with the Stillbirth Foundation Australia and other stillbirth advocacy and support organisations will ensure that parents are heard and the CRE program meets their needs. Active engagement with professional organisations and clinicians will ensure maximum benefit of CRE initiatives. Close collaboration with the International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA) will enable CRE initiatives to contribute to the global stillbirth agenda. Partnership and collaboration is critical to meet the objectives of the Stillbirth CRE.

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